Earned Schedule for Champions

How do you know if your schedule is in trouble?
Do you want to avoid the “finding out when it’s too late” syndrome?
Confused about earned value and earned schedule?
Are you trying to implement earned value management in Primavera P6 and also use the same data to apply earned schedule?
Do you need to show compliance with ANSI/IEA748 or Global Practice Standard for Earned Value Management? 


Earned schedule analysis is a breakthrough analytical technique that derives schedule performance measures in units of time, rather than cost. The same basic Earned Value Management (EVM) data points are used. Indicators, similar to those for cost, are derivable from the earned schedule measure. These indicators provide a status and predictive ability for schedule, analogous to cost.


Because these metrics use time based measures, they augment traditional EVM and integrated schedule analysis. Work has also been undertaken which provides "bridging" analytical techniques between Earned Schedule and traditional integrated schedule analysis.


Part 1 of the “Earned Schedule for Champions” training session will cover:
The Earned Schedule concept, metrics, indicators, predictors and terminology

  • Concept verification
  • Prediction comparisons
  • Demonstrate an Earned Schedule Calculator and Analysis tool
  • Describe the Earned Schedule “Interpolation error”


Part 2 will cover the Earned Schedule re-baseline effects before moving on to cover the "bridging" analytical techniques between Earned Schedule and traditional integrated schedule analysis which have been developed to date including:


  • Critical path study where the critical path calculated completed date was compared to the Earned Schedule predicted completion date on a small but time critical software development project
  • Network schedule analysis using Earned Schedule
  • The very advanced concepts of “schedule adherence” and “effective Earned Value”.

The Workshop presenters will facilitate discussion with participants to obtain feedback, explore possible additional analytical techniques and canvass views on further ways forward.
An electronic distribution of the currently available Earned Schedule papers, presentations, calculator and analysis tool will be arranged for participants.


Target Audience:
This workshop is targeted at EVM practitioners and practitioners with knowledge of the EVM method who are interested in the latest theoretical developments and considering the application and potential benefits of applying Earned Schedule into their project or program management practice.


Due to time constraints, this course assumes a prerequisite knowledge of the EVM method, including an understanding of the Earned Value variances, performance indexes and statistical predictors of project costs at completion, the Independent Estimate at Complete (IEAC).


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