Forensic Schedule Analysis


EVMS Consultants are skilled with Primevaera P6, Microsoft Project, Acumen Fuse and Claim Digger.  We provide the following delay and disruption services for additional time and cost:


  • Recommendation of the Most Appropriate Schedule Delay Analysis Method
  • CPM Schedule Analysis
  • Quantification of Delay, Time Extension and Liquidated Damages Entitlement
  • Inspection of Records and Notices
  • Prepare Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Time Impact analysis
  • Windows Analysis
  • Collapsed As-Built / But-For Test Schedule Analysis
  • As-planned vs. As-Built Schedule Analysis
  • Impacted As-Planned Analysis
  • Measured Mile Analysis
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Acceleration Analysis
  • Concurrent and Pacing Delay Analysis










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