About EVMS Consultants

EVMS Consultants Ltd is dedicated to help companies implement world class and practical methodologies in order to improve the performance of their ongoing projects. Our mission is consistent and never-ending improvement in project management using both academic and practitioner solutions.

                                                       EVMS Consultants Make The Difference

                                                      EVMS Consultants Make Things Happen

While measuring project progress is not an exact science, EVMS can help you in reaching a clear understanding of what can be known and in planning and what cannot be known. If timely delivery of projects is important, if conservation of valuable resources matters, and if identification of issues before they become problems are important to you, EVMS Consultants has the knowledge, skills, and tools to help you achieve these goals. EVMS is experienced in minimizing threats and optimizing opportunities in projects and programs. Let us add to what you already know about growing success in your business.

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